Blog: Tovar Talks

Giving Back: Crain’s Chicago Small Business Forum

Even though we’ve been counting down for a week to today’s forum, it’s almost as if we’ve been we’ve been counting down to this very moment for 25 years.

Tovar: Always Ready, Always Improving

As 2016’s winter season winds down,we’re already planning out how to better attack winter’s wrath for the 2016-2017 season. Ensuring our communication is instant, our action is instant and your relaxation is, well, instant, we like to get the whole team together and reflect upon what worked and what didn’t. Being your reliable resource to combat winter wreckage is a role we take seriously and we are constantly working on ways to improve.

Tovar: Taking the worry out of your vacation

Even though today is an unusually warm winter day, the weather is usually pretty rough this time of year. That’s why its the best time to take a vacation to escape not the just weather, but to experience complete relaxation. By leaving your winter weather maintenance with us, we’re confident that you can liberate yourself from worry when wild, winter weather wreaks havoc.

Tovar Winter Warriors #Plungefor Special Olympics Illinois

This past weekend’s unseasonably high temperatures didn’t warrant jumping into the still frigid waters of Twin Lakes in Palatine, Illinois, but the chance to support Special Olympics Illinois certainly did.

Why Tovar is there before it snows

What is pretreatment? Why pretreat? Liquid or Salt? Click play because Tovar Snow Professionals has the answers!

Tovar Snow Professionals, what have you done now…

Last year, Tovar Snow Professionals received national recognition, touched the stars, announced the opening of our newest branch in Indianapolis, served up some inspirational chicken noodle soup, and showed the world what it meant to shine on. Read more about Tovar’s teamwork, accomplishments and work celebrated in the 2015 highlights review.

Baby It's Cold Outside

When the weather outside is frightful Tovar Snow Professionals keeps those warm and fuzzy feelings alive. Let our commercial snow and ice removal services take care of all your property management needs.

We're flattered. Really!

We’re the Best! ♬ Around! ♬ Nothing’s gonna ever keep us down! ♬ Cue Joe Esposito, otherwise known as the guy who sang the Karate Kid theme song, because Tovar Snow Professionals has been named one of the 2015 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For

Disney, FEMA and Tovar Share This In Common

You may have played this childhood game before. It involves figuring out the common thread between three seemingly different things. Dust off your thinking cap and give this one a shot.