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Giving Back: Crain’s Chicago Small Business Forum

Submitted by tvrsnwusr
on May 5, 2016

Even though we’ve been counting down for a week to today’s forum, it’s almost as if we’ve been we’ve been counting down to this very moment for 25 years.

We began Tovar Snow Professionals the same way most entrepreneurs do: a big dream and a small bank account. But as the panel, featuring our own Jeff Tovar, discussed today, cash flow and managing finances is a common struggle among small business owners and not impossible to overcome.

The way we overcame it, and have persisted for more than 20 years, is by doing exactly what others in the room today are doing to be successful. And that is, we asked questions and leveraged our peers.

With a dream of building the most powerful snow plow company in the nation, but  a serious cash flow problem, Tovar went to a trade seminar, picked out three leaders at the “top of their game” and shared his books with them. Once the laughter subsided, they shared three pieces of advice with Tovar, which laid the foundation for what has grown into Tovar Snow Professionals. One of them being, “hire a cash flow expert.” Now, as a company, the books are examined each week and constant efforts to improve, refine and discover and improve inefficiencies are implemented.  We strive to provide the best service we can for our customers.

But remember, be patient with yourself. Just as  Jeff said this morning to the packed room at The Standard Club this morning, “we’ve all been there”.

And along the way, we understand that having a sense of camaraderie when enduring the challenges of building a business goes further than many may realize, so to that end, too, if we can help, we are #alwaysready.