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Tovar: Always Ready, Always Improving

Submitted by tvrsnwusr
on April 14, 2016

As 2016’s winter season winds down,we’re already planning out how to better attack winter’s wrath for the 2016-2017 season. Ensuring our communication is instant, our action is instant and your relaxation is, well, instant, we like to get the whole team together and reflect upon what worked and what didn’t. Being your reliable resource to combat winter wreckage is a role we take seriously and we are constantly working on ways to improve.

One way we work to keep you safe is by training our teams on the newest technologies and giving them the tools they need to be successful. It’s a responsibility we take as seriously as protecting your property, and our team members appreciate it.

“I love everything about our company but If I have to pinpoint one thing it would be the way we’re one ginormous company working to keep people safe during the storm season,” said Tyisha Williams at our company-wide meeting on Friday at our Franklin Parks facility.   Williams has been with us since August of last year and appreciates the chance to spend time with the team.   At our meetings we discuss ways that set us apart from our competition and how we can improve together for the next season…which, if Mother Nature has her way, may just be a continuation from this season. Whatever she has planned, we stand ready.