Commercial Snow Maintenance

Snow and Ice Management

When winter throws its worst at you, Tovar is prepared to give you our best. Our snow and ice management services are top-notch, ensuring that your commercial property remains operational and safe throughout the snowy season. With a zero-tolerance™ policy for snow accumulation and icy conditions, we take immediate action so you don’t have to worry.

Key Features:

  • Regular Clearing: Scheduled snow and ice management to prevent accumulation and hazards.

  • Snow Relocation: Perfect for properties with limited space, we remove and relocate excess snow to off-site locations.

  • Ice Management & Ice Melting: Using eco-friendly products, we eliminate ice and slippery conditions to make walkways and driveways safe.

  • Sidewalk Maintenance: Special attention is given to sidewalks to ensure they are safe for pedestrians. We also offer snow melting solutions for added convenience.

  • 24-7 Support: We’re accessible at all hours of the day*, anywhere in the country so you can have peace-of-mind knowing we’re capable and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice.*Nov. 1 through March 31.

  • Weather Monitoring: We have three meteorologists on staff monitoring and tracking weather patterns. Once weather concerns are identified we will notify you by email so you can be prepared.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping Services

A beautiful landscape enhances the value and appeal of your commercial property. At Tovar, we offer a range of landscape services that go beyond mere aesthetics; we aim to create functional outdoor spaces that make a lasting impression.

Key Features:

  • Landscape Maintenance: Our team of experts offers regular maintenance services including lawn care, trimming, and seasonal clean-ups to keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine year-round.

  • Irrigation Installation and Repair: We help you conserve water and keep your landscape thriving with our state-of-the-art irrigation systems.

  • Seasonal Services: From spring flower installations to fall leaf removal, we offer seasonal services to keep your landscape beautiful all year long.


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