Winter brings a beauty all its own, but it also presents unique challenges. Snow and ice, if unchecked, can disrupt operations, pose safety risks, and damage property. At Tovar Snow Professionals, we offer an extensive range of services to mitigate these challenges, ensuring you’re well-prepared to face the fiercest of snowstorms. Tovar Enviro-Blend™ was created to reduce the amount of salt needed to make our process more efficient and cost effective. We have incorporated Diesel Particulate Filters into our fleet, reducing our department of Labor carbon footprint.

Chill Out, We’ve Got Snow Covered

SNOW and ice Management

When thick layers of snow cover your property, prompt and efficient management is essential. Our snow and ice management process is streamlined and effective:

  • Assessment: Before the snow season, we conduct a thorough site assessment to understand the intricacies of your property, ensuring efficient snow management.

  • Equipment: We utilize high-end machinery tailored to the needs of each property, be it large open areas or more intricate spaces like parking lots.

  • Personnel: Our skilled team is trained to remove snow with precision, ensuring all areas, from driveways to pathways, are cleared to perfection.

Snow's No Match for Us

Snow Maintenance & Management

Beyond simple removal, snow maintenance and management play a pivotal role in ensuring your property remains functional and safe throughout the winter months:

  • Regular Clearing: We conduct routine inspections and clearing operations, preventing snow from accumulating to hazardous levels and potentially disrupting your operations.

  • Snow Melting: Apart from traditional management methods, we employ advanced snow melting techniques. This not only ensures quicker snow disposal but also reduces the need for extensive physical relocation, offering an eco-friendly approach.

  • Snow Stacking, Relocation, and Removal: In areas where space is a constraint, we have provisions for snow relocation. We efficiently transport excess snow to designated off-site locations, ensuring your property remains spacious and clutter-free.

  • Sidewalk Maintenance: Sidewalks are high-traffic areas prone to accidents in snowy conditions. Our team prioritizes these areas, making sure they are consistently clear, slip-resistant, and safe for all pedestrians.

With our comprehensive snow maintenance and management strategy, we guarantee smooth operations, regardless of how heavy the snowfall might be.

When Winter Strikes, We Strike Back

Liquid Anti-Icing & De-Icing

Ice, often a silent hazard, can be more dangerous than snow:

  • Preventive De-Icing: We proactively treat surfaces with eco-friendly ice melt products, preventing ice formation before it starts.

  • Reactive Ice Melting: Should ice form, our team responds promptly with treatments to melt it away, ensuring surfaces are slip-free and safe.

  • Specialized Equipment: Tackling ice requires precision. We employ specialized equipment to break and remove stubborn ice without causing damage to surfaces.

Your safety and convenience during the winter months are paramount to us. With Tovar Snow Professionals by your side, you can enjoy the beauty of winter without its associated worries. Let us handle the cold, while you stay warm and secure.


“Awesome snow removal company. They really care about their customers as well as their staff.”